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  The M-Fyles
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  P001 - Blackpool North Shore Intro.
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  This gallery features miscellaneous images of our girl 'Celeste' that are unable to be included or made into actual photosets.   In our first shoot with Lancashire Lass 'Celeste' we met up at Gynn Square in Blackpool for a few hours and headed down to the promenade for some flashing fun between Gynn Square & Bispham, including a quick pee to finish with.  

  P002 - Blackpool North Shore & Fleetwood.
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  P004 - Celeste & Nimue in Carlisle
(64 Images)
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  On our second shoot with Lancashire Lass 'Celeste', we go back to the stone arch on Blackpool's North Shore for some glamour & tease style shots before moving off up to Fleetwood.

Reaching Fleetwood, we find a derelict piece of wasteground near Lofthouse's Fishermans Friend factory, but by this time Celeste is needing to pee some we do some desperation & peeing content before settling down to shooting Celeste stripping off.

As a finale, we pause for a break at King George's Memorial Field in Rossall where Celeste strips off and does a stand up pee.

  We start our shoot in Carlisle under the main entrance into the castle, but decide to unceremoniously kick Celeste out of the shoot to focus on solo content with Nimue, alas security caught us and unceremoniously ejected us from the grounds.

We headed off to the Nature Reserve at Kingmoor to continue our shoot with Nimue, but Celeste decided she had had enough of not been involved and got in on the act with Nimue.


  P005 - Errwood Hall Goth.
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  P006 - Cold Day Out With Celeste.
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  We head out to the ruins of Errwood Hall near Buxton for this photoshoot, and as Celeste brought along her dark gothic cape, we done some flashing around the ruins with our girl wearing it before switching to a sheer dress with no bra.

A bonus set is included, shot in the hotel room of Celeste posing with the mirror in lingerie.

  Heading down to Barton under Needwood for the day, Celeste gets excited with all the snow as we drove through Derbyshire, so we divert to a place we know at Peak Dale where Celeste flashes and rubs snow over herself.

We then pause in a car park at a picnic area in Alsop and shoot Celeste getting up to fun in the drivers seat & on the bonnet of her car with a vibrator & butt plug.

Finally, in our hotel room in the Barton under Needwood Travelodge, Celeste goes retro/vintage with a corset & stockings for a smoking set of stills.


  P010 - Distressed Damsels.
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  P011 - Cheshire Day Out
(132 Images)
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  In this set, shot in the grounds of a derelict house near Blackpool and was shot more to a glamour/fetish type genre, we see Fiona brandishing a knife at the bound & helpless Celeste whom starts to piss herself with fear. Untying Celeste and walking her down the path, the tables are soon turned and the delightful Celeste soon shows Fiona what it is like to be on the receiving end of the knife.   Starting our day in Crewe, Celeste pees on a footbridge over Vernon Way before heading down to the Heritage Centre to find out it was closed. Not to be put off though, we head to Wheelock and take a walk along the canal for some flashing & stripping fun, including another pee before retiring to the Cheshire Cheese pub for a bit more flashing over a quiet pint.

Moving on, it started raining as we passed through the Cheshire village of Eaton, so we decided to do a wet white top shoot in the churchyard to start with, and some flashing, nudity & peeing to finish with.

Passing near to the sleepy of 'Flash' in Staffordshire while heading back to our Travelodge hotel at Birch in Manchester, Celeste wanted to find a proper village sign and do just that - 'Flash'. Finally, we end the day with some voyeur & shower fun at the hotel.


  P012 - Piss Day Out With Celeste.
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  P013 - Day Out With Celeste & Phoenix
(153 Images)
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  Starting the day at Seven Acres Country Park in Bolton, Celeste is out for a walk & wets her jeans next to a tree. It was just lucky our girl had a skirt in her bag which was quickly changed into.

Later, we catch up with Celeste in The Travelodge at Scotch Corner where our girl gets ready for the next shoot, but realising that Celeste needed to pee, we restrain her to the shower rail and, unable to reach the toilet, pisses all over the floor and has to clean it up.

Finally, Celeste poses in the corridor in a sheer top with no bra.

  Myself & Celeste meet up with Phoenix in Hardwick Park in Sedgefield (Co .Durham) and we initially walk around the park doing some random flashing shots before heading off to Bowlees Nature Reserve for our shoot, but pausing at Barnard Castle on the way for a bite to eat (and a few flashing/voyeuristic shots)

At Bowlees NR, our girls literally piss around, although Phoenix tries to but does not manage. We then head up to Gibsons Cave where Phoenix takes a naked Celeste for a walk on a lead before giving our girl a spanking. Heading back to the Quarry area of the reserve, our girls play & stroll around nude in nature and even enter the Gents toilets naked, much to the surprise of a patron.

Finally, back at Barnard Castle, Celeste takes the sign in the car park at face value and does just that with Phoenix.


  Set 014 - Lancashire Day Out With Celeste.
(140 Images, 1 Video)
  P015 - Pissing About In Leeds.
(162 Images)
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  On a rather miserable day, i head down to the Lancaster Canal around the Treales & Swillbrook area with Celeste in order to brighten things up. As we made our way along the canal, we are treated to our girl getting nude & rude at various points along this waterway, including a rear view shot of Celete's own personal waterway. Not happy with Canals though, Celeste even went a step further by flashing at traffic on the M55 from an overbridge.

Moving on, and away to Beacon Fell, Celeste becomes a dirty little 'School Slut' and strips off revealing she is wearing no underwear - to make matters worse, this dirty 'School Slut' even pisses into a litter bin and even masturbates in the back of the car.

As the weather got bad, we headed back to Celeste's home and again are treated to another rear view pee shot, this time over the toilet.

  We start the day with Celeste & Gypsy Rose flashing on a station platform while waiting to catch a train into Leeds, where once there we all headed down towards Holbeck. A secluded alleyway seemed to promise initial possibilities, but had to cut the intended plans for this location short due to local undesirables appearing on the scene.

A short walk towards an industrial area was next where our two girls have their first pee of the day by brazenly pissing over some dumped tyres lying on some wasteground which was followed by some flashing & voyeuristic type shots. However all the drinking (off camera) is playing havoc with the bladder of our girls and we are quickly treated to yet another pee scene, this time with Gypsy Rose doing a stand up pee onto the pavement by an appropriate sign on a building while Celeste opts to do a stand up pee into the middle of the road. Back at Leeds Railway Station, we give our two girls the camera and they go into the ladies to do some peeing stills in the toilets and then we tried to do some flashing on the station platform before catching the train, but CCTV & an alert station security man put paid to this.

Moving on to Normanton to check out some ruins, Gypsy Rose decides to pee on TV for our enjoyment while Celeste pisses at the front of our car and afterwards we are treated to more flashing & voyeuristic fun with Celeste even getting the chance to touch up our Gypsy Rose. To wrap up the shoot, we all head out to a pub for a meal, but that did not stop our two girls flashing their boobies in the pub and again in the ladies toilets. An unexpected set of images, was a self shot taken by Celeste flashing in the front seat of the car as i drove west along the M62.


  P016 - At Home With Celeste.
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  P017 - Day Out With Celeste & Gypsy Rose
(116 Images)
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  The day starts off with us spying on Celeste taking a shower in the comfort of her own home to a voyeuristic theme before we then catch our girl, not long out the shower, sitting relaxing on the sofa while a some more voyeuristic type shots were taken under the pretence that test shots were being taken.

The main shoot then starts in the kitchen as our girl tidies up and gets naughty while doing so with some smoking & pussy playing action as well having fun with the soapy bubbles.

The main shoot over with in the kitchen, Celeste gets ready to do another smoking scene in the lounge wearing just some white underwear before we catch our girl relaxing with the laptop with some nice voyeuristic cleavage shots. We then finish up with a topless Celeste wearing only jeans and going to use the bathroom. 

  Our day out starts with our new girl 'Gypsy Rose' finding herself restrained to a tree by Celeste, whom wants some fun with our West Yorkshire girl. Celeste then shocks her by peeing right beside our helpless lass before taking her into a little den in the woods and using a little vibrator on Gypsy's pussy.

Our girls then lark about for a bit in the nude before going back to the car and heading away. We then stop in the woods at Cote Hill near Wike where Gypsy Rose takes a nude pee while sitting on a log. The aptly named 'Golden Acre Park' near Bramhope is then a setting for a few shots of the aftermath of a video shoot as our two girls stand around in pissy jeans.

Up at 'The Chevin' near Otley, Gypsy Rose poses nude amongst the rock formations while Celeste goes a step further by pissing while sitting on one of the rocks. Finally, at the 'Fox & Grapes' pub in Potterton, our girls sit and flash their boobies.


  Set 018 - Mother & Daughter Day Out.
(149 Images, 2 Video's)
  Set 056 - Mother & Daughter Day Out, Part 2
(87 Images - More To Follow)
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  We start the day by the Lancaster Canal near Treales with Lily stripping off down to her panties. However, Lily has a secret to tell us and that secret is that she is the mother of our regular model 'Celeste' as she poses next to her naked daughter.

Getting ready, Celeste takes a pee in the woodland next to Treales Road before flashing in a phone box. We then catch our duo flashing from a roadbridge over the busy M55 motoerway, much to the delight of passing motorists.

Lily finally plucks up the courage to remove her panties to reveal a nice hairy pussy as she strips of in the grounds of a derelict house in Blackpool. We are then treated to some paparazzi style upskirt flashing shots as Lily flashes her pussy getting out of the car.

  Our second instalment with our genuine Mother & Daughter see's our two ladies pausing for a break bin a field near Treales to enjoy a spot of sunshine seeing as it was such a lovely day. Always up for something else to shoot, we thought it would be a good idea for our ladies to strip off in what would initially be a voyeuristic set with our girls oblivious to the perverted cameraman spying on them.

We then follow our girls back across the field, whom then stop by the gate to the field & also by the car for some posing shots, while to finish, Lily teases for us by the car before taking a topless walk back to the fence and  is not even put off while a cyclist passes behind the cameraman.


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