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  PV007 - Blackpool Intro.
(66 Images / 2 Videos)
  P015 - Pissing About In Leeds.
(162 Images)
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  For our introductory shoot with Gypsy Rose, we use the comfort of Celeste's home near Blackpool to do a casting video of this Leeds based lass, whom incidentally has never done any of this before and was a bit nervous about it.

We then head out onto Blackpool's North Shore to give Gypsy Rose a taste of outdoor flashing and break her in gently with some lingerie shots, progressing onto nudity/flashing & even a peeing scene in the nude.

Back at the home of Celeste, we cap off this introduction with Gypsy Rose stripping out of a nice dress in the bathroom and then sitting on the edge of the bath smoking & peeing. Our girl then goes for a final pee in the proper place before getting her underwear back on,

  We start the day with Celeste & Gypsy Rose flashing on a station platform while waiting to catch a train into Leeds, where once there we all headed down towards Holbeck. A secluded alleyway seemed to promise initial possibilities, but had to cut the intended plans for this location short due to local undesirables appearing on the scene.

A short walk towards an industrial area was next where our two girls have their first pee of the day by brazenly pissing over some dumped tyres lying on some wasteground which was followed by some flashing & voyeuristic type shots. However all the drinking (off camera) is playing havoc with the bladder of our girls and we are quickly treated to yet another pee scene, this time with Gypsy Rose doing a stand up pee onto the pavement by an appropriate sign on a building while Celeste opts to do a stand up pee into the middle of the road. Back at Leeds Railway Station, we give our two girls the camera and they go into the ladies to do some peeing stills in the toilets and then we tried to do some flashing on the station platform before catching the train, but CCTV & an alert station security man put paid to this.

Moving on to Normanton to check out some ruins, Gypsy Rose decides to pee on TV for our enjoyment while Celeste pisses at the front of our car and afterwards we are treated to more flashing & voyeuristic fun with Celeste even getting the chance to touch up our Gypsy Rose. To wrap up the shoot, we all head out to a pub for a meal, but that did not stop our two girls flashing their boobies in the pub and again in the ladies toilets. An unexpected set of images, was a self shot taken by Celeste flashing in the front seat of the car as i drove west along the M62.


  P017 - Day Out With Celeste & Gypsy Rose.
(116 Images)
  Set 066 - Newlands Hall Visit
(68 Images)
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  Our day out starts with our new girl 'Gypsy Rose' finding herself restrained to a tree by Celeste, whom wants some fun with our West Yorkshire girl. Celeste then shocks her by peeing right beside our helpless lass before taking her into a little den in the woods and using a little vibrator on Gypsy's pussy.

Our girls then lark about for a bit in the nude before going back to the car and heading away. We then stop in the woods at Cote Hill near Wike where Gypsy Rose takes a nude pee while sitting on a log. The aptly named 'Golden Acre Park' near Bramhope is then a setting for a few shots of the aftermath of a video shoot as our two girls stand around in pissy jeans.

Up at 'The Chevin' near Otley, Gypsy Rose poses nude amongst the rock formations while Celeste goes a step further by pissing while sitting on one of the rocks. Finally, at the 'Fox & Grapes' pub in Potterton, our girls sit and flash their boobies.

  Accompanying the cameraman on a visit to the ruins of Newlands Hall near Normanton on what was actually a an exploration & photographic record of 'urban decay', Gypsy Rose came along as an assistant for our cameraman and backup if something went wrong if our cameraman got injured and needed help.

As things progressed during the visit, and where it was safe to do so, there was also some opportunities to fit in some flashing fun as our photographer & Model explored the site and we are proud to publish the resulting content on the site.


  P067 - Leeds Wanderer.
(92 Images)
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  Following on from our visit to the ruins at Newlands Hall, we head back into Leeds with Gypsy Rose where, in the rain & complete with umbrella, our girl takes a nude walk along the River Aire before flashing at the gates of a railway depot. With the weather getting bad, we head back to the hotel and are treated to a nice sexy strip in the hotel room.

The set continues later with Gypsy Rose posing nude inside a derelict office block & flashing by a parked truck - even a nearby video store is not safe as our daring girl flashes us her 'blockbusters' before flashing a train driver of a passing freight train.

Gypsy Rose briefly plays with her pussy and then flashes by a busy main road in Leeds before we finish up with a nude stroll through that alleyway near Holbeck we tried to initially shoot at in Set 015.


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