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  P046 - West Midlands Intro.
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  P049 - Behind The Scenes At The Hotel.
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  In our first shoot with Monica Haze, we meet up with this small breasted London Lass in Birmingham and we headed out to the Grand Union Canal at Saltley for some initial flashing shots.

Next, we find a derelict Transit Van near Bordesley for Monica to flash beside but think that our girl was trying to tell us something before moving on to Nechells to flash by a well known chinese Cash-n-Carry. Finally, by the lake outside the National Exhibition Center, we end the set with Monica taking a pee from a bench before giving us a quick flash of those small charms again.

  A trip to London saw me with a few hours to kill, luckily London Lass 'Monica' was free so we arranged to meet up for a video shoot in my hotel room at the Wembley Travelodge.

The stills in this set are pre/post video shots, behind the scenes if you like, but the bonus was Polish girl 'Evey' getting in on the act.


  P050 - Day In Ireland - Kells Transport Museum.
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  P052 - Day In Ireland - In The Office.
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  Over in Ireland on business, i decided to bring Monica over with the intention to do some content in the Irish countryside around Cork, and looking for such opportunities we stumbled on what we thought was a bus scrapyard but turned out to be a transport museum known as the 'Kells Transport Museum'.

To our surprise, a fellow Scotsman was on duty and it was easy for me to talk him round to letting us loose around the buses for some fun, including pussy playing while sitting in the cab of a bus and pissing into a portable cement mixer. And of course there was the 'Brand Nude Combine Harvester' as well.

  Our fellow Scotsman in the 'Kells Transport Museum' never seemed to cease to amaze and explained to us that no-one was scheduled to be down at the site offices, and if we wanted to shoot in there then he would lock the gates just to keep out any potential visitors.

Not wishing to turn this one down, Monica get ready to look the part of an Office Worker and we shoot our girl teasing & stripping off for us, which includes some nice upskirt panty shots and pussy play on the office seat.

A finale to this set we catch up with Monica in the site's residential caravan holding up a little message for us while still completely bare, or is that bear.


  P054 - Day In Ireland - Museum Goodbye.
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  Still at the bus museum, our fellow Scotsman tells us about a derelict dwelling in the woods adjacent to the compound and we investigate. Despite it looking good, very heavy growth prevented us getting inside without danger, so our girl decided to strip off outside instead.

As a finale, one which we could not turn down, our friendly Scotsman asked if he could do some shots with our girl in her undies by some buses in the yard, and we were more than happy to oblige him, and also getting some additional ourself for this set.


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