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  P040 - South Queensferry Intro.
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  P041 - North Queensferry Visit.
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  Our introductory shoot with German Girl 'Zazie', we head out to South Queensferry by the Firth of Forth & the Bridges to see how things go with Zazie.

We start in a little secluded spot adjacent to the Forth Rail Bridge with Zazie flashing and stripping off before having our German Girl flashing out on the access road. We then move onto the main promenade itself where Zazie sits on a seat and flashes her boobies and hairy pussy. Finally, in the Hawes Inn pub, Zazie flashes and plays with her pussy.

  Continuing our Queensferry shenanigans, we head over to North Queensferry and down to the harbour where Zazie pisses from a rock before flashing from the harbour wall. Back at the rock, Zazie then strips off for us.

At the car parked under the Forth Rail Bridge, Zazie flashes her pussy 'paparazzi' style before we head of up to the old Carlingnose Gun Battery for some final acts of flashing & nudity.


  P044 - Bo'Ness Visit.
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  P055 - Linlithgow Palace Visit.
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  We head out to Bo'Ness & the Kinneil Nature reserve with Zazie and are treated with our girl changing outfits. Now sporting something more fitting, Zazie goes out for a jog, but is in need to pee and we are treated to a full stream of piss while our girl sits on a bench.

Our girl then strips off for us and even parades nude in nature before we head up to near Kinneil Station and have Zazie wandering around in just panties, stockings & suspenders. Putting back on her shorts, Zazie then flashes on the footpath by the railway.

To finish the set, we go into the ruins of Carriden Church & Graveyard where Zazie gets changed.

  We head out to Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian with Zazie for some fun. As it was a first time at this location for both of us, we stayed on the side of caution for this set and kept to more reserved/discreet flashing at this location. We then find a little chamber in the palace that has a hole in the stonework floor in which our girl takes a pee in.

Finally, back in Edinburgh and in the 'Tickled Trout' pub on Lanark Road by the Water of Leith, Zazie flashes her boobies and even slips a can of coke between them.


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