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Photographer: Jock Phaughtmann   Shoot location: Wembley Travelodge - Hotel Room
As i was down in London on business and had a few hours to kill, i met up with Monica and we headed back to my hotel room at the Wembley Travelodge for a video shoot, with much of the stills being pre/post video shoot.

In this set we see Monice in Red & Black lingerie and reflected in the mirror.

Monica 9432 Monica 9433 Monica 9434 Monica 9435
  9432 9433 9434 9435
Monica 9436 Monica 9437 Monica 9438 Monica 9439 Monica 9440
9436 9437 9438 9439 9440
Monica now has changed into a naughty schoolgirl for our next scene and i took this opportunity for a quick upskirt panty flash shots. Monica 9441 Monica 9442 Monica 9443 Monica 9444
  9441 9442 9443 9444
Monica 9445 Monica 9446 With Monica now naked, i seized the moment to try some shots by the window. Monica 9447 Monica 9448
9445 9446   9447 9448
Monica 9449 A surprise on this shoot was polish girl 'Evey' who was an employee of the hotel (and also model herself) and caught us and got in on the act.

In this scene, our two girls get changed into their undies.

Lyarah 9497 Lyarah 9498 Lyarah 9499
9449   9497 9498 9499
Lyarah 9500 Lyarah 9501 Lyarah 9502 Lyarah 9505 Lyarah 9450
9500 9501 9502 9505 9450 - The End

Page 1

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